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Fitness Spotlight: Sarah Rippel

Sarah Rippel is a fitness pro with over 14 years experience in the industry.  She's based out of Baton Rouge, LA and one of her biggest activities is as an instructor at the Baton Rouge Adventure Boot Camp.  Now that the weather is getting warmer everywhere, boot camps are popping up all over (I'll be a part of one next month) and Sarah Rippel's looks pretty strong. 

Sarah Rippel's got a big online presence as well.  You can check out her Rippel Effect Training site that features articles, blog postings, workout routines, and videos.  She's also a guest writer periodically for eHow and Trainer Nation.

I'm a big fan of fitness pros that take you along their personal ride as well.  Sarah Rippel is (understandably) in fantastic shape and keeps us updated on her daily workouts and running mileage via Twitter, you can check her out via @fitprosarah.

 You can also check out Sarah Rippel and The Rippel Effect via YouTube - here are a few samples:




Fitness Spotlight: Julia Mancuso

As the 2010 Winter Olympics draws to a close, I figured this would be a great time to highlight the training and nutritional outlines of both a men's and women's Team USA competitor. For the women's side of things, we're going to highlight gold medal skiier Julia Mancuso.

Mancuso has some different training habits, though I am a big fan of the varied nature of her workouts.  For someone who makes her money (figuratively and literally) in the cold snow and ski slopes, she's also a big fan of getting out in the sun and surf:


I also love seeing the explosive plyo trampoline jumps as well as the lateral aglity drills in beach sand.  As I said before, I love varied/multiple training days and even though this was a promotional video from VISA, clearly there's a degree of validity to the training footage.   

There is not a lot available on her eating habits (though I suspect there will be more articles and interviews following the Olympics after her performances).  However one brief article shows that when traveling, she tries to get as many veggies and lean meats as is possible, as well as limiting the grains and glutens.



Fitness Spotlight: Alli McKee

Over the past two weeks I've been helping a friend develop her workout and nutrition program with an eye towards developing lean muscle tone and shedding body fat.  Those goals aren't necessarily unique, in-fact they're fairly common.  The unfortunate part is that even though so many of us have the same group of goals, we rarely find someone whose nutrition or training patterns set them on a direct course towards the physique they want.

Fitness competitor Alli McKee is one of those people. 

I stumbled onto her blog and series of YouTube videos after reading articles by her trainer and boyfriend Nick Tumminello.  Alli McKee's training is a huge departure from so many of the ladies I see each day slaving away on the treadmill or elipticals, or doing dozens of arm curls with 3-pound dumbells. 

Alli McKee trains the way I do, and I've actually borrowed a few drills from her videos to use in my fitness classes very soon.  My favorite class attendees are the ones who love a challenge and don't back down from something that starts out as very difficult.  Particularly the women who ignore classic stereotypes of being intimidated by "heavy" weights or "intense" drills.  That's one reason why I think Alli McKee is worth highlighting.

You can check out her frequently updated blog here and below is just one sample of her many training videos available on YouTube.  I'll also be using her videos as upcoming samples on my Training & Workouts page.



Fitness Spotlight - KathEats.com

Full disclosure - this next Fitness Spotlight is going to highlight a woman from Davidson College, which is my undergrad institution.  I need to say that upfront so that my pro-Davidson biases will be out in the open before I start to gush over this woman's healthy foods blog and positive outlook on nutrition.

It would be limiting to say that www.KathEats.com is purely a healthy foods blog, but that is one of the main benefits.  It also serves as an inspiration tool for anyone (female or male) who has struggled with seeing their weight or clothing sizes rise and been frustrated over an inability to fix things. 

Without giving away her entire story (which can be found here: http://www.katheats.com/kath-2/ ) she basically got tired of seeing her weight increase and made a life decision one day to take control of her eating habits and start getting more daily functional exercise.  I might be making it sound overly simplistic, but the good news is that taking charge of your own weight loss really IS simplistic.  It starts one day, with one pro-active healthy choice, which snowballs into another, then another.

Kath eventually lost 30 pounds, and her weekly exercise routine is a mix of running, elliptical, and spinning classes.  She was also featured on the cover of the January 2007 issue of Women's World Magazine. 

Her site is not only inspirational for anyone who thinks losing double-digit pounds is a fantasy, but there are also NUMEROUS receipes and posts related to food.  She seems to be fanatic about oatmeal in-particular, which suits me well since that is my preferred complex carb source.  Her blog received an award from FoodBuzz.com for 2009. 

I'd be promoting this site whether she was a Davidson alum or not (we have never met) but her blog truly is a must-read for anyone (female or male) who needs both information and inspiration on how to take command of your nutritional health one step at a time.



Fitness Spotlight: Rachel Elizabeth Murray

Rachel Elizabeth Murray is a certified personal trainer who has also been featured in numerous modeling projects as well. 

There are numerous ways to follow her fitness projects currently.

www.ifitpersonaltraining.com is her personal training site.


You can get fitness tips from Rachel herself here.

She is also currently training clients out in the Seattle area who are blogging their weight loss progress online, frequent updates are posted on Twitter.

I see so many women every morning slaving away on the treadmills and ellipticals, thinking they are inching towards the body and fitness they've always hoped for.  Examples like Rachel Elizabeth Murray show that overall fitness (which includes resistance training AND a clean diet) is the only true way to get the results you are after.

Here's a sample video of her iFit Tips, and you won't see her barely moving on some elliptical while reading a magazine, but getting after it with serious exercises like ring pullups and even hitting the heavy bag.  Her first words?

"Ladies, do not be afraid to lift heavy weights..."