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What's Your Motivation?

I'm closing in on my first month after starting CrossFit, and as many of my friends (both "real" and Facebook) can tell I am officially hooked. Last Summer, watching the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games on ESPN, I was floored at the feats of strength, endurance, and competitive drive the participants showed. ESPN rebroadcast the 2011 Games this weekend, to coincide with the Regional Qualifying rounds which are currently  underway. 

Watching the Reebok CrossFit Games takes on a whole new meaning to me now that I actually am a CrossFitter. I can identify with the competitors in a whole new way. Their sweat and struggle "makes sense" to me now that I can sympathize with countless burpees, t-shirt and shorts covered in powder from grip chalk, blistered hands from kipping pullups, and the trademark post-WOD celebration pose.

Watching athletes like Rich Froning and Annie Thorsdottir (and the others which are too many to list) compete motivates me in a way that I haven't felt since college.

But despite the opening, this is actually NOT a post about CrossFit. 

This is about finding your motivation.

Are you motivated by an unflattering photo of yourself and want to lose weight? Keep that picture close by as a reminder of why you want to make a change.  Or you can spin it positive and post a few inspiring photos on the fridge or bathroom mirror. (Or try searching #Fitspo on Twitter or Tumblr)

Are you motivated by the countless runners and joggers hitting the sidewalks and roads now that the weather is warm?

Are you motivated by all the Before & After testimonials of former chubby people now flaunting their six packs seen on infomercials for "P90X" and Insanity?


Are you motivated by a family member or close friend who has a health scare or ominous report from their last visit with the Physician?


Are you motivated by the yoga instructor you always bump into that seems so fit, healthy, calm, and upbeat no matter what?

Are you motivated by the occasional television coverage of Ironman Triathlons or the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games?

Don't let seeing those brilliant and dedicated athletes cause you to feel discouraged because you're "not on their level".  I could easily feel the same way watching  the world class CrossFit competitors, because I'm not on their level, or anywhere close. Instead it still motivates me to get out and continue to work to be the best I can be, because I know that the current version is no where close.

Can you honestly look in the mirror, or ask yourself in a quiet moment alone if you are the best version of yourself that you can be? 

If the answer is no, make a decision to make a change, starting today. There is no such thing as it being too late to start the process of improving your fitness, nutrition, and health.

What is your motivation?