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Weight Loss All-Stars: Sebastian Ekberg

Some of the most popular content on this site has been weight loss transformation stories.  Those that have enjoyed that content have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks as I have quite a few amazing weight loss stories to share from regular everyday people.

Several of my teammates and coaches from CrossFit Dilworth have experienced tremendous weight loss over the past couple years, and leading off is one of the most inspirational body transformation stories I've seen - Sebastian Ekberg.

I PROMISE the Before and After pictures are legimiately the same guy.



1 - What was your weight at your heaviest?



2 - Describe yourself back then (age/stage of life, eating habits, level of workouts vs inactivity).

I was 21 and in college. With the stress of school I pretty much let myself go, I really didn't care about eating healthy and I felt that were always watching what they were eating were not enjoying life.

I've always been an active person so I surfed a lot and would go to the gym to lift once a month or so. There were a lot of sports and activities that I wanted to do but I really wasn't able to due to my weight (Windsurfing etc).

When I would play sports with my friends I would always be exhausted very quickly and could barely run a mile. I think I actually feared that one day someone would make me run more than a mile, I dont really know what situation that would arise in but I generally stayed away from any physical activity that would last more than 20 minutes.



 3 - When you first decided to lose weight, where did you start?

I had tried several different diets before (weight watchers, atkins, etc) and had lost some weight but then gained it back.

My decision to lose weight occurred when I hit my own "rock bottom". I was on the Super Bowl special of  "Man vs. Food" and during the course of 3 hours I at an entire cake, several burgers, A Katz NY Deli Rueben, about 30 wings, and a 2 foot long cuban sandwich. I slept amazing that night, best food coma ever. The next morning I woke up and said to myself, "ok, mabye it wont hurt to lose 10lbs."

 4 - What were the 1-2 biggest keys in transforming yourself from then to now? (diet change, lifestyle change, workouts/CrossFit, etc)

The 2 biggest changes I made early on that resulted in the weight loss were:

Diet change:No Soda, ever. Switching all of my refined carbs to whole grains, no more white bread, rice, pasta etc.

Exercise: The first month all I did was walk on the incline treadmill for half an hour each day. I tried to make sure that I always burned 600 calories a day, incline walking will do that at 350. The most important thing was reminding myself to stay consistent, dont show up to the gym training like its a "Rocky" montage if youre not going to go back the next day to do it again. I scaled back my workouts to make sure that I didnt get burned out and stayed consistent, as my body started changing I increased the intensity to accommodate.

My biggest point to make would be that weight loss is 90% psychological, you absolutely have to change your mentality of how you view your life. I used to only look at food and think about what it was going to taste like, now I look at it as what is it going to do for me.



 5 -  Approximately how long did it take for the weight to come off?

3 months. Its kind of extreme, sometimes people think I starved myself but my plate was always full haha. I just made sure to eat filling foods that were fiber and protein rich.



6 - What is your current weight?




 7 - What role did CrossFit play in helping you reach your current weight?

When I started Crossfit I was running a lot. I weighed about 218 but wasn't really that athletic. Crossfit helped add on muscle mass that I was missing and it made me look at fitness a whole new way.

I used to go to the gym to stay in shape so it was kind of a chore. I now look forward to go WOD everyday because of the amazing community that CrossFit has and how everyone is like minded in their pursuit of better fitness.





 8 - Any advice for people out there that think transforming their body is next to impossible?

Always set short term goals, small victories add up. Don't think about losing 100lbs, focus on short term goals of 5lbs at a time and make sure to track it. I would always tell myself, "ok I lost 5lbs, lets see if I can lose another 5". I still have my weight tracking written down in a journal.