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Entries in Milwaukee (2)


My Visit to Axiom Fitness

I was called up to Milwaukee last week for business, but that provided a great chance to tag along with my friend Laura Gainor to her normal workout spot, Axiom Fitness.  Laura invited me to a Thursday 6am bootcamp-style workout (note: her husband Brian continues to chose sleep over the AM workouts).

It was a little awkward for me to be on the business end of someone else's Thursday 6am workout, since at that same time my normal class at the Charlotte Dowd YMCA was just wrapping up their workout with a substitute instructor.  Needless to say, it was well worth the lost hotel room sleep to break a sweat with instructor Jen Wenzel. 

Jen warmed us up with a quick bodyweight GPP-style circuit, then broke us up into a series of :30 circuits.  As you can see in the below video segment, Axiom featured a great variety of equipment.  Our workout featured (among other elements):

  • Kettlebell work
  • Rope training
  • Explosive medicine ball drills
  • TRX-style suspension training
  • Sandbag work

Anyone who has either taken my classes, or read my CrossFit entries knows that I am a big fan of varied equipment and drills to keep things moving, and keep the body guessing.

Your workout is as only as good as your post-workout nutrition, so afterwards we were rewarded with great recovery drinks (also featured in the video) to refuel protein in the muscles.

As an instructor, often you trade time that would be spent on your own workouts to dedicate time and energy towards your classes or clients.  This was a great opportunity for me to jump into someone else's territory and be on the other side of things for a change.  Jen and the crew at Axiom Fitness have a great facility with killer workouts, so for anyone near the Milwaukee area I would definitely recommend a visit.  Bring your gear and be ready to sweat.



Fitness Spotlight - Regular People Volume IV

Time management is something almost all of us in the working world have to battle and manage.  It's very easy for people with plentiful free time to find a couple hours each day for workouts, however most of us struggle to fit training into our schedules.

My friend Laura Gainor has those common struggles, but has found creative ways to stay diligent in her pursuit of greater fitness. 

Laura began by taking a few cycling classes each week, but work enevitably kept impeding.  As one of the most creative people I know (take a look at her website), she found a unique way to implement guard rails into her schedule.  Laura joined a group boot camp at Axiom Health & Fitness in Milwaukee.

Not only are group boot camps a great way to meet new people, but the group atmosphere helps some people stay motivated and remain accountable.

I wanted to highlight Laura's endeavor, not because she's some workout fanatic like I am, but because she's regular.  She's a normal person with a busy life between work and family, but refused to accept the notion that it's acceptable to ignore personal health and fitness.

Keep up with Laura through her website or through Twitter - she's another example that your fitness can "fit" into a busy schedule if you want it to badly enough.


Week 2: AXIOM Health & Fitness Boot Camp from Laura Gainor on Vimeo.