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Who is FitnessChamp?

Answer: It's a trick question, there is no such person as "The FitnessChamp".  I just thought it was a cool title and theme for this site.  There's nothing more to it than that.


Now that we have that out of the way, my name is Ward Gibson and I am an ex-college athlete (football, track & field) who after a few post-college years, put on a few post-college pounds.  McDonald's lunches with Chinese food for dinner and Wendy's drive-thru for bedtime snack tends to make a six-pack disappear.

Me scoring a touchdown, much like a lunar eclipse - this is the rarest of rare photos.

While getting my Masters in Exercise & Sport Science at UNC-Chapel Hill, I felt hypocritical teaching undergrads about weight training and healthy eating as a Grad Assistant, since I was still busy eating sugar cereal for dinner with milkshakes thrown in.  Inspiration comes from strange places, I was at Barnes & Noble flipping through a workout book by WWE pro wrestler Triple H and learned about charting meals every day.  I bought a spiral notebook and started writing down every peice of food that went in my mouth.  Eating junk loses its fun when you have to be accountable to that same notebook every few hours.   Thanks Triple H.

 There were also two other catalysts that motivated my pursuit.  After I gave my life to Jesus Christ in October of 2004, almost immediately I gave up so many of the vices and habits that were probably killing me from the inside out.  I also had a close family member battle cancer a few years later and after seeing the effects on everyone, I became much more attuned to things like antioxidants and "cancer-fighting" foods.  The Good Lord gives us one body, and I wanted to learn how to take care of what He gave me.

After moving to Charlotte to work in the Sports Marketing industry I continued to soak up as much knowledge and information as possible.  Most of what I know is through pure trial and error. 

I've ballooned up from trying every different bulk up weight program out there.

I've killed my knees from miles spent out on the pavement everyday training for a half-marathon. 

I've swallowed enough chlorine to fill a kitchen sink from trying to learn how to swim well enough for a sprint triathlon. 

I've trained like an MMA fighter and wore 5 band-aids on my bloody knuckles to the office Christmas party. 

I've tried every diet you can think of, and have both gained too much weight from having my calories too high, and had to see a doctor from having my calories too low. 

Long story short, I'm not any smarter than anyone else, I've just spent a lot of time trying to learn as much as I can.


I'm now a certified group fitness instructor at the Downtown Dowd YMCA in Charlotte (shout outs to Desiree, Becky K, Lisa P, and Drill Sgt. Roy - if they can't get you in shape, no one can).  I'm still ravenous about learning anything and everything I possibly can about workouts, training, fitness, and nutrition.


The point of this site is to hopefully share some of that with you, and help you reach whatever fitness goals you may have. 


Good luck.